An anniversary party is such a special event with fun and memories for everyone involved.

We’ve performed at hundreds of anniversary parties over the years, from 10-year anniversary events to the special 50th, 60th and even 75th anniversary parties with over 200 guests in attendance.If the anniversary party you’re planning is for you, your friends, your parents, or your grown children…we’ll make it easy and fun to enjoy music, dancing, and entertainment everyone will love! We’ll provide a top performance at your event by combining the right touch of fun with the expected formality of an anniversary party, including a possible re-enactment of wedding vows and the special songs to bring back wedding day memories. You’ll also be able to tap into our experience for ideas to make this anniversary party as unique as the couple themselves. We’ll play the right music and make sure everyone has a great time, including some aspects of the celebration we’ve coordinated for anniversary parties, such as: A special dance for the couple (perhaps their wedding song, or a song in their honor). They start and possibly have all other guests join them halfway through the song. Help your family coordinate music for a slide show or DVD presentation. MC the toasting (or “roasting”) of the anniversary couple. Ask trivia questions of the anniversary couple.

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Will our DJ take requests?

We encourage you to advise your guests that we will not only take requests but we’re happy to play any tunes that are available to us.  If you elect to bring your own music (CD, MP3 Player or Cellular Phone), we will try to accommodate as possible. 

You also have the right to request we not play specific songs that you feel are inappropriate or might otherwise disrupt your event. We will never play any music that you specifically request we not play.

How long does the DJ need to setup and is that included in the price?

In general we do our best to arrive at least one hour before the start of your event. This allows us to completely set up before your first guest arrives. We do not charge additional fees for set-up, breakdown or travel.

How early should we book our event?

As with all events, we encourage you to book as early as possible to ensure our availability. The earlier you plan your event the more likely we are to be available. From time to time we are available on short-term notice, but to give you the best possible customized service we like to book as much as twelve months in advance.

Will our DJ take any breaks?

Our performance time is non-stop for the times you have hired & contracted us. We perform continuously and without interruption through your entire event.

How interactive will our DJ be?

How interactive your DJ is will largely be a matter of preference. If you feel that you are looking for a very conservative DJ we will do that. If your preference is a very outgoing DJ we will accommodate that as well. Never be concerned about us ‘stealing the show’. We understand this event is a high point for you and we are there for entertainment purposes and never to be the center of attention. You will always find our DJs to be completely professional at all times.

Can we meet with our DJ before the event?

We will do everything possible to arrange a meeting between you and the DJ who will be working your function. This will allow you to discuss with the DJ your schedule of events and specific music choices. This provides an opportunity for you to also discuss any specific needs you may have with the DJ.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

We carry a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy, and can provide a copy of this to you, your venue, caterer or event planner upon request.

What happens if my scheduled DJ is sick the day of my event?

Things can and will happen. We understand how important your event is to you and will ensure that a fully qualified DJ will be available the day of your special event. In addition, all of our DJs carry back-up equipment with them. Signature DJs has also set-up an account with a local transportation company. In the event the DJ’s car or truck has a breakdown, they can call on this account to pick them up and get them to your event on time.  It is not if something happens, but when; we are therefore prepared for anything in the event of emergency.